2021 Prize Winners

Whew! Another year of Simming Prize work is finally complete! For all of you who have been following us on discord and twitter, you know that we have released our 2021 winners and I wanted to place it on our blog so the internet can see who won this year!

What is the Simming Prize and what’s it’s status?

In short, the simming prize is like the Nobel peace prize except it looks for excellence in the simming community. We are an all-fandom-based award and see nominations from all over the fantastic worlds people play in.

This year, we had a total of 19 nominations which is more nominations per year than we have seen since 2017! This year had a great turn out from the community and we cannot express how happy we are with your love and support each and every year!

The 2021 winners are…

  • Beth of Sim Central
  • Poseidon Station
  • Theta Fleet
  • Starbase 400
  • Zodiac Fleet (16th Fleet)

Congratulations to each one of you. You’ve earned this!  

What Does the Future hold?

So what do Trustees do when the awards are over? Do we return to hibernation until awoken from our slumber? Actually, we’re quite busy on the outside stumping for nominations, continue to advertise and talk about the prize, and be there for any laureate or Simming leader that has questions.

Actually, to make things a lot easier for you to know what is going on, we’ll keep updating you on this blog and letting you know what is happening around the simming community.

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