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Mediation has Ended

Statement by the Simming Prize Trustees Regarding Negotiations with Charles Star’s Fake Prize

The Simming Prize has concluded its negotiations with Mr. Star and his alternate ‘simming prize’ group. Over the past ten months, we have attempted to reach an amicable and reasonable solution to the grievances Mr. Star presented. Although progress was made, unfortunately there was an impasse on four critical areas which could not be resolved.

We, the Trustees of the Simming Prize, cannot — in good conscience — alter or re-write the existing methods that were established when the Simming Prize was founded to include those proposed changes. Our organization is responsible for a well-established and distinguished legacy which we all strive to uphold. In our collective opinion, the proposed changes would weaken and undermine that legacy, as well as erode the enormous trust that is placed upon the Trustees to act as stewards for the prize’s greater simming community. The Simming Prize is not a political tool. It exists solely to recognize the achievements of creative writers around the world. We will continue to defend this position for as long as the Prize exists.

We understand this negotiation process has been inordinately long and stressful for all participants. The trustees apologize to the entire simming community for the prolonged confusion and instability this rift has caused. We remain committed to preserving the integrity of the Simming Prize in the name of Seth Cotis, as established by the Simming League in 1999.

The trustees would like to thank the arbiters as well as Jonathan (Nugra) for their volunteer efforts as moderators and representatives during these negotiations. We also thank the greater roleplay community for their patience and professionalism during this uncertain time. We all wish we had better news to convey.

Moving forward, the Simming Prize will continue its operations as usual and prepare for the opening of the 2022 voting season next week, which will be available at

To honor our NDA with Mr. Star’s alternate group, we cannot comment further on the details of this incident. We hope the simming community will retain its trust and confidence in the Simming Prize in the weeks and years ahead of us.

The Simming Prize (officially The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis) is an award that recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations within the simming and play-by-post role-playing community. The Simming Prize is given in memory of Seth Cotis, founder of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance and long-time leader within the Simming League.  

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