What it means to be an…Administrator

Over the past few years, I have realized that there really isn’t a lot of information out there about what the Simming Prize does behind closed doors when nomination periods are not open and we’re quiet. Since we now have a blog, I think it’s time to pull back the curtain and give everyone an idea of what we actually do.

The first set of articles that I’m going to be releasing is on the positions that you may have heard of but have no clue what they do. So, hang in there, you are about to get educated!

This post will be about the position of Administrator.

What is an Administrator?

Though the name, in a way, explains itself; I think it is important that I spell it out. We had an old handbook that is being re-written and it explained it the best. The Simming Prize administrator is responsible for managing the staff and the day-to-day operations.  The administrator is further responsible for guiding the judges and facilitating a thorough and timely review of eligible nominations.

They are pretty much the project manager who puts the entire thing into motion when the nominations close and carries it to the finish line.

What does an Administrator Actually Do?

An interesting fact about the administrator is that it’s not actually a full time position with the Simming Prize. It is actually filled a month or two before the nominations close. That is because it is very time intensive and only applicable for a very short time.

The responsibility of the administrator is from when the nominations close to when the awards are issued. They take help setup the judges with orientation and addition to the mailing lists, help facilitate discussion of every entry and also tally the votes when they are cast making sure everything is voted correctly and any abstaining is recorded.

What’s the Day to Day Like?

Most days it’s pretty much just keeping track of the data that is coming, counting the votes, and reporting back to the judges every step of the way. It is mostly checking email and answering questions in case some come up. After all the votes are counted, they report them to both the judges and the trustees for recording.

So, the administrator can control the votes?

In the sense that they are the ones tallying them and they are tallying votes that are cast in front of the other judges so any mistakes could be caught in rare occurrences. Also, the Administrator does not have a vote nor are they allowed to participate as a judge in any respect. They may referee and ask questions like a moderator at a debate but they can never make the deciding decision.

Who can be an Administrator?

Administrators can be anyone who has an interest but most of the time they are pulled from the laureates that one the previous years. A Trustee can be an administrator as Trustees do not have any voting power over the nomination unless they are sitting in as a judge. And since they are a judge, they can’t be an administrator so it compartmentalizes everything quite nicely.

So, That’s it!

So, that’s what an administrator is. It’s a simple but integral part to the yearly process of awarding the prizes and one that we encourage those who feel they have good organization skills to express their interest.

If there are any questions about the role itself or anything else Simming Prize related, don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments or send an email!

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