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2022 Simming Prize Winners Announced

Over the past three weeks our judges have reviewed our 2022 nominations, exchanged feedback, then voted on our new selection of laureates. The process is now concluded and I’m happy to announce the results.

The 2022 Simming Prize laureates are:

USS Wayfarer

Kathryn Burke

USS Ontario

Starbase 109


Honorable mentions who also received votes are:

USS Tokyo

USS Pioneer

Raymond Dale

USS Wolff

USS Myogi

USS Arizona

USS Damascus

Bravo Fleet

USS Sarek

USS Sojourner

Finally, The Simming Prize is awarding three special honorary awards to the following people:

Doug Drexler (Conceptual Designer, Star Trek: Picard)

Dave Blass (Production Designer, Star Trek: Picard)

Terry Matalas (Showrunner, Star Trek: Picard)

Misters Drexler, Blass and Matalas from Paramount have devoted portions of their private time with us over the past year giving personal interviews and supporting the fan community. We thank them for their outreach with the highest regard.

Please help me congratulate our new laureates and runners up. We have a plethora of outstanding roleplayers and organizations in our communities, so keep up the excellent work.

Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me here on Discord


2022 Administrator
Simming Prize Trustee


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